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Heat Treatment Line


With the rapid development oil and natural gas industries both in  domestic and aboard, the market are in the demand for products of the oil and natural gas development industry, especially the high-tech products.Considering those opportunities and threats, the company adopts the growth (developed medium and long term development) strategy, takes advantage of enterprise scale and market expansion opportunities, and continues to expand the scope of products, varieties and processing technology on the basis of maintaining the existing business .To achieve this goal, the company built an advanced heat treatment production line in 2008, with a designed annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

The product line is technologically advanced, mature technology, steady quality. The heat treatment production line adopts walking beam furnace and inside gush outside drench for quenching, could process different grade of steel products, including N80 - Q, L80, P110, R95, C90, ensuring that the mechanical properties of the pipe body, value-added to the products quality.At the same time, it is also equipped with a six-roll quick-opening straightening machine to ensure the straightness and coaxiality of the pipe body.In addition we also introduced the international leading U.S. Truscope - Size Ⅱ type ultrasonic testing system, make the company the NDT testing level meet the API standard, so as to enhance the company product quality and the ability to develop high-end products equipment.